YouCliN Education Award

3 prizes per year for education funding

Guidelines for Application

  1. The YouCliN Education Awards funds the registration fee for upcoming neuroscientific, educational courses or conferences in 2022.
  2. The total prize fund will be CHF 3000, distributed among successful applicants depending on the individually requested amount of funding. Funding exclusively includes the registration fee and does not cover other expenses (e.g. travel and accommodation costs).
  3. Eligible for application are doctors in training (medical residents in neurology, psychiatry, neuroradiology, neuropathology, neurosurgery) and neuropsychologists in training.
  4. Candidates can directly apply by our website until 30.06.2022 (see “application” below).
  5. Applicants are requested to fill in the application online form and submit a CV, an official course or conference description or program, a payment proof of the registration fee, a motivational letter in English (less than 300 words describing why the course or conference is beneficial for the career) and a recommendation letter from head of department or scientific supervisor.
  6. The winners will be drawn up by a jury (2 YouCliN members and 1 senior member).
  7. The awards will be announced until end of march each year by email. Applicants will also have the opportunity to get connected to a mentor within the SFCNS / YouCliN Mentoring programme. The official Award Ceremony for the YouCliN Education Awards takes place during the SFCNS congress in September 2022 in Basel.”


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We are very happy to announce the winner of the 2nd YouCliN Education Award. The award ceremony took place on 29th September 2022 during the SFCNS Congress in Basel. Our warmest congratulations to the winner!



  • R. Terziev: 14th European Epilepsy Congress (Zürich).



  • M. Ziga: AO Spine Principles Level Specimen and Simulation Course - From Freehand to Navigation (St. Gallen).