Swiss Brain Council SBC


The Swiss Brain Council SBC aims to give all people involved in brain research and brain diseases a unique voice. It intends to be a platform for implementing active lobbying towards politicians and government officials, meaning that new brain research findings and the huge impact of brain diseases on society will be brought to the attention of journalists, politicians, and industry officials. Through this medium, the awareness about brain diseases should be enhanced, the neuroscience field and brain research in Switzerland be promoted, and the quality of life of patients suffering from brain diseases be improved.


The SFCNS’ mission puts to the fore promotion of brain research. To this end, the SFCNS is the platform that coordinates innovative research and public awareness initiatives on a national level. One significant initiative is the Swiss Brain Council (SBC), the national partner of the European Brain Council (EBC).These councils bring together organisations active in neurology and brain research, patient associations, and industry officials. Their mission is to promote brain research and to improve the quality of life of those affected by brain disease.