Swiss SOS Coordinators (SCs)

The Swiss SOS Coordinators (SCs) are five people, affiliated with different departments that hold institutional membership status. Preferably the Swiss SOS Coordinators (SCs) should also represent different medical specialties. Together, these five SCs form the steering committee of the Swiss SOS.

The Swiss SOS Coordinators (SCs) are responsible for upholding the present Swiss SOS code of conduct. As “board of the Swiss SOS”, the Swiss SOS Coordinators (SCs) should work closely together (personal/virtual meetings 3-4 times per year). They have the obligation to act in the interest of the Swiss SOS as a whole and are responsible for the long-term success of the Swiss SOS.


  • PD Dr. med David Bervini, Bern
  • PD Dr. med Jorn Fierstra, Zürich
  • PD Dr. med Philipp Gruber, Aarau
  • Prof Dr. med Paolo Machi, Genf
  • PD Dr. med Martin Stienen, St. Gallen


Communications Officer: PD Dr. med. Michel Roethlisberger