Code of Conduct

First Edit: August 31st, 2020
Second Edit: February 18th, 2021


This code of conduct defines principles, values, standards, and rules of behavior that guide the decisions, procedures and systems of the “Swiss Study On aneurysmal Subarachnoid hemorrhage” Group in a way that contributes to the welfare of its stakeholders and respects the rights of all constituents affected by its operations.


1. Name

The name of the group shall be “Swiss Study On aneurysmal Subarachnoid hemorrhage”, hereafter referred to as “Swiss SOS”.


2. Definition

The Swiss SOS is an interdisciplinary group that concentrates on research on aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH) and intracranial aneurysms in general. The group founded a nationwide, multicenter research project in 2008 as bottom-up initiative, which has evolved to be a prospective, institutional-review-board approved database containing continuous anonymous information on patients diagnosed with aSAH in Switzerland.


3. Aims

The aims of the Swiss SOS are

a.   to monitor aSAH epidemiology in Switzerland

b.   to measure and control the quality of aSAH treatment in Switzerland

c.   to provide a network for and foster clinical research and collaboration between Swiss Centers and disciplines involved in the management of aSAH.

d.   to guide the future direction of aSAH management in Switzerland.


4. Membership

Membership in the Swiss SOS shall take two forms:

a.   institutional membership

b.   individual membership


Swiss SOS individual membership (full or associate) does not automatically justify any authorship without active scientific contribution or active involvement in a project.


The complete Code of Conduct can be downloaded from the following link: Code of Conduct