All auditors appointed by the SFCNS have to complete a training with SanaCert Suisse in Bern.
In order to guarantee the highest possible auditing standards, this course needs to be repeated regularly.


Leading Auditors:

PD Dr. Christoph Cottier, SanaCert Suisse, Bern
Maya Mylaeus, SanaCert Suisse, Bern
Dr. med. Peter Überschlag, SanaCert Suisse, St.Gallen



Prof. Dr. med. Jean-Marie Annoni, Neurologie, Fribourg
Prof. Dr. med. Marcel Arnold, Neurologie, Bern
Prof. Dr. med. Ralf Werner Baumgartner, Neurologie, Zürich
MD PhD Philippe Bijlenga, Neurochirurgie, Genf
PD Dr. med. Leo Bonati, Neurologie, Basel
Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Engelter, Neurologie, Basel
Prof. Dr. med. Jan Gralla, Neuroradiologie, Bern
Prof. Dr. med. Raphael Guzman, Neurochirurgie, Basel
PD Dr. med. Georg Kägi, Neurologie, St. Gallen
Dr. med. Borbala Keserü, Neurologie, Luzern
Dr. med. MSc Martin Liesch, Innere Medizin, Chur/Vaduz
Prof. Dr. med. Karl-Olof Lövblad, Neuroradiologie, Genf
Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Luft, Neurologie, Zürich
Prof. Dr. med. Philippe Lyrer, Neurologie, Basel
Dr. med. Achim Mallmann, Neurologie, Rapperwil
Prof. Dr. med. Heinrich Mattle, Neurologie, Bern
Dr. med. Friedrich Medlin, Neurologie, Fribourg
Prof. Dr. med. Patrik Michel, Neurologie, Lausanne
Michaela Mordasini, Pflege, Bern
Doris Mösinger, Pflege, Vitznau
Dr. med. Pascal Mosimann, Neuroradiologie, Lausanne
Prof. Dr. med. Krassen Nedeltchev, Neurologie, Aarau
Prof. Dr. med. Luca Remonda, Neuroradiologie, Aarau
PD Dr. med. Susanne Renaud, Neurologie, Neuchâtel
Dr. med. Heinz Schaad, Innere Medizin, Interlaken
Prof. Dr. med. Karl Schaller, Neurochirurgie, Genf
Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard Schroth, Neuroradiologie, Bern
Dr. med. Guido Schwegler, Neurologie, Schlieren
Dr. med. Claudio Städler, Neurologie, Lugano
Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Stippich, Neuroradiologie, Basel
Prof Dr. med. Roman Sztajzel, Neurologie, Genf
Katrien Van den Keybus Déglon, Physiotherapie, Lausanne
Prof. Dr. med. Stephan Wetzel, Neuroradiologie, Zürich