Certification of Stroke Centers and Stroke Units

SFCNS coordinates the implementation of the stroke related decisions of the Swiss Conference of the Cantonal Ministers of Public Health i.e. the Schweizerische Gesundheitsdirektorenkonferenz GDK and its Decision Board HSM and its Scientific Committee HSM on Highly Specialized Medical Services.


According to the GDK Decision, stroke care in Switzerland will be reorganised into professional networks established by 8 dedicated stroke centers and 10-20 stroke units. These stroke centers and stroke units have been certified.


 Entscheid zur Planung der hochspezialisierten Medizin (HSM) im Bereich der hochspezialisierten Behandlung von Hirnschlägen

 Décision concernant la planification de la médecine hautement spécialisée (MHS) dans le domaine du traitement des accidents vasculaires cérébraux


The SFCNS received the mandate to coordinate these certification processes in Switzerland.



Certified Stroke Centers and Stroke Units

Stroke Centers
Kantonsspital St. Gallen

Certification: 18.12.2012-18.12.2015
Re-Certification: 27.01.16-26.01.2019
Second Re-Certification: 27.01.2019-26.01.2022
Third Re-Certification: 27.01.2022-26.01.2027
Contact: Prof. Dr. B. Tettenborn | PD Dr. G. Kägi

Kantonsspital Aarau

Certification: 31.07.2013-31.07.2016
Re-Certification: 14.07.2016-13.07.2019
Second Re-Certification: 14.07.2019-13.07.2022
Third Re-Certification: 14.07.2022-13.07.2027
Contact: Prof. Dr. K. Nedeltchev | Dr. T. Kahles

Hôpitaux Universitaires Genève HUG
Certification: 16.10.2013-16.10.2016
Re-Certification: 02.12.2016-01.12.2019
Second Re-Certification: 02.12.2019-01.12.2022
Third Re-Certification: In Evaluation
PD Dr. E. Carrera
Inselspital Bern
Certification: 22.10.2013-22.10.2016
Re-Certification: 13.09.2016-12.09.2019
Second Re-Certification: 13.09.2019-12.09.2022
Third Re-Certification: In Evaluation
: Prof. Dr. M. Arnold
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois CHUV Lausanne
Certification: 28.11.2013-28.11.2016
Re-Certification: 24.11.2016-23.11.2019
Second Re-Certification: 24.11.2019-23.11.2022
Third Re-Certification: In Evaluation
: Prof. Dr. P. Michel
Ospedale Regionale di Lugano EOC
Certification: 18.12.2013-18.12.2016
Re-Certification: 07.07.2017 - 06.07.2020
Second Re-Certification: 07.07.2020 - 06.07.2023
Contact: Dr. C. Städler
Universitätsspital Basel USB
Certification: 22.01.2014-22.01.2017
Re-Certification 16.02.2017 - 15.02.2020
Second Re-Certification: 16.02.2020 - 15.02.2023

Prof. Dr. L. Bonati, Prof. Dr. S. Engelter
UniversitätsSpital Zürich USZ
Certification: 28.01.2014-28.01.2017
Re-Certification: 01.02.2017 - 31.01.2020
Second Re-Certification: 01.02.2020 - 31.01.2023
Third Re-Certification: In Evaluation
: Prof. Dr. A. Luft
Klinik Hirslanden Zürich
Certification: 16.05.2014-16.05.2017
Re-Certification: 04.10.2017 - 03.10.2020
Second Re-Certification: 04.10.2020 - 03.10.2023
Contact: Prof. Dr. N. Peters
Luzerner Kantonsspital LUKS
Certification: 07.11.2016-06.11.2019
Re-Certification: 07.11.2019-06.11.2022
Second Re-Certification: In Evaluation
: Prof. Dr. St. Bohlhalter
Stroke Units
Hôpital Neuchâtelois
Certification: 11.06.2013-11.06.2016
Re-Certification: 26.05.2016-25.05.2019
Second Re-Certification: 26.05.2019-25.05.2022
Third Re-Certification: In Evaluation
: PD Dresse S. Renaud
Hôpital du Valais - Sion
Certification: 12.09.2013-12.09.2016
Re-Certification : 09.02.2017-08.02.2020
Second Re-Certification: 09.02.2020-08.02.2023
: Prof. Dr. J. Ghika, Dr. Ch. Bonvin
Stadtspital Triemli Zürich
Certification: 07.11.2013-07.11.2016
Re-Certification: 01.11.2016-31.10.2019
Second Re-Certification: 01.11.2019-31.10.2022
Third Re-Certification: In Evaluation
: PD Dr. M. Mono
Spitalzentrum Biel
Certification: 18.11.2013-18.11.2016 
Re-Certification: 08.11.2017-07.11.2020
Second Re-Certification: 08.11.2020 - 07.11.2023
: Dr. S. Salmen
Spital Grabs
Certification: 05.12.2013-05.12.2016
Re-Certification: 29.11.2016-28.11.2019
Second Re-Certification: 29.11.2019-28.11.2022
Third Re-Certification: In Evaluation
: Prof. Dr. C. Berger
Kantonsspital Winterthur
Certification: 17.09.2014-17.09.2017
Re-Certification: 20.09.2017 - 19.09.2020
Second Re-Certification: 20.09.2020 - 19.09.2023
Contact: Dr. B. Rodic
Spital Limmattal, Schlieren

Certification: 12.12.2014-12.12.2017
Re-Certification: 12.12.2017-11.12.2020
Second Re-Certification: 12.12.2020-11.12.2023
Contact: Dr. G. Schwegler 

Hôpital Fribourgeois HFR
Certification: 16.12.2014-16.12.2017
Re-Certification: 06.12.2017-05.12.2020
Second Re-Certification: 06.12.2020-05.12.2023
Contact: PD Dr. A. Humm | Dr. F. Medlin
Kantonsspital Baden
Certification: 09.01.2015-09.01.2018 
Re-Certification: 19.01.2018-18.01.2021
Second Re-Certification: 19.01.2021-18.01.2024
PD Dr. A. Tarnutzer
Bürgerspital Solothurn
Certification: 21.01.2015-21.01.2018
Re-Certification: 08.03.2018-07.03.2021
Second Re-Certification: 08.03.2021-07.03.2024
Dr. med. R. Bühler
Kantonsspital Münsterlingen
Certification: 05.02.2015-05.02.2018
Re-Certification: 08.02.2018-07.02.2021
Second Re-Certification: 08.02.2021-07.02.2024
Dr. L. Schelosky | Dr. T. Betz
Kantonsspital Graubünden, Chur
Certification: 24.05.2016-23.05.2019
Re-Certification: 24.05.2019-23.05.2022
Second Re-Certification: In Evaluation
Contact: Dr. S. J. Albert
Hôpital de Nyon GHOL
Certification: 30.06.2016-29.06.2019
Re-Certificattion: 30.06.2019-29.06.2022
Second Re-Certification: In Evaluation
Contact: Dr. J. Niederhäuser
Kantonsspital Frauenfeld

Certification: 15.03.2022-14.03.2025

Contact: Dr. P. Siebel